And this game is just - great. The first little bit is confusing but intriguing, and then it gets really clever:

A whole free text game engine - and check out Detectiveland. What a cool little set of innovations for the interface. This is a rabbit hole of rabbit holes...

Holy crap! I just used a dirt simple Twilio script to generate quite good speech in response to my call! WTF? This is *too easy and too powerful* for me to have access to with no awesome idea to implement! A phone based speech based Zork?

A friend is paying me to build an sms rerouter using twilio. Pretty neat and simple using nodejs. Tempted to build an sms bot but it needs a purpose...

Talked to a projection artist I know and she thought about it a bit and then just suggested I go mess around with one. So I'll do that!

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So a slide projector is designed to cast an image about 10 feet away. Could I re purpose projector lens and slide and use sun as light source to cast sidewalk murals from small object hidden in trees? Need to find old slide projector, or be less lazy and figure out the lens math myself.

Walking down the sidewalk today I saw this amazingly beautiful swan shape (drat no pic) formed in front of me by leaves blocking light. Realized: how could I set these more miniprojectors (tiny filters) in trees around the park?

This world is very small, but full of good people. Two men, in fact, stand on the surface of a very small planet, gazing up in to the heavens towards stars and planets, wondering whether to dominate them all through a massive empire project or just ask a few of them to come out and play.


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