Finally got around to upgrading this instance; now looking into migrating my primary account here and starting it up for real!

Okay, the big kid is squared away at preschool in the afternoons, and now I have a couple of hours a day to actually work on things. Time to get this sucker launched.

As I start trying to spin this thing up I'm curious about how I can create local tags. I've taken a quick look at the actual masto codebase to see if I can support this sort of stuff natively, but wow, it's a huge mess: a pile of js and ruby dependencies and a dozen frameworks. So I'm curious if I can just shoehorn in my own tag nomenclature; for example, using '!' as a local hashtag.


"This [album] is intended for when you want to feel like a plant, or as an indoor soundtrack — I want the music to be played so that it decorates the plants within a room."
– H. Takahashi

Hello, world. Whether I'm addressing this world or the wider one remains an open question.


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